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The real Hustle – The monte Scam

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The Monte Scam

A few words about the scam: The monte scam is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It dates back hundreds of years and it is the classic paradigm of a con that has genuinely stood the test of time. The monte scam is based on teamwork. In order for the scam to be successful, there should be at least 3-4 individuals who are closely cooperating with each other. You should keep in mind that when you see a group of people around someone who is performing this game, chances are that most of them are into the trick.

What is the Monte Scam?

Definition: The Monte scam is a game where the operator (the scammer) has 3 discs. One of the 3 discs has a distinct mark below it (usually a white dot). The operator will initially show you the bottom of the discs and then he will shuffle the discs quickly. In order to play, you need to bet some money. Then, in order to win you should pick the disc that has the mark below it (after the discs have been shuffled and without being able to see their bottom of course).The operator (the person who manipulates the discs) is trained to shuffle the discs in such a way that you will not really be able to pick the right disc. So far everything is legit, right? So where is the scam? Well, chances are that while you are watching the game being performed (that is, you are not playing with your money yet), the operator will perform some lousy shuffling that even a kid would be able to track. Then, the other members of the gang will bet and win money from the operator (since they are cooperating behind the scenes, nobody is really loosing his own money). Seeing how easy it is to win, this will of course get you motivated to play too, but when your turn comes, the operator will put his real skills into play; chances are you will loose. Furthermore, the scam becomes even more interesting at the point when the operator –just a few seconds before you pick a disc- consciously turns his head away from the discs (he might pretend something caught his attention or that he is coughing). Then, while the operator is not looking at the discs one of the other players will swap the positions of 2 discs. Phenomenally, you -as a player- might think that the other player did this in order to confuse/cheat the operator; this will get you motivated to put a bet too. In fact, this is all part of the trick to get you to play with your own money and eventually loose.

What you should be aware of:

Unless you want to loose some money, don’t participate in such games. Especially when the game is the operators ‘profession’ (that is, the operator makes a living out of the game [you can easily tell that if someone is performing such a game in the streets, he isn’t really doing it for fun]).

When you see various people gathered around the operator, you should realize that some of them (if not all) are scammers too, and part of the gang. Be skeptical about the intentions of people who are implicitly or explicitly trying to interact with you.

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