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The real Hustle – The Bogus Agency Scam

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The Definition: The Bogus Agency Scam is one of the more elaborate hustles, entailing the renting of space to set up a phony talent agency. The aim of the scam is to play upon the victims’ desire to make it big in show business – and their willingness to back up this desire with hard-earned cash. The set-up is complicated, but for the scammers, the payoff is big time indeed.

The Mark: Any talented – or, for that matter, not so talented – young lady or gent who believes that he’s destined for the bright lights and big city. This lust for celebrity blinds them to the reality of the situation – the cons are not interested in your voice, they are interested in your money!

The Scam: Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol, The X Factor and shows of this ilk have all conspired to make The Bogus Agency Scam more popular than ever before. Folks see talented amateurs being rewarded with great celebrity and national attention, season after season; young people who were improbably given the opportunity to quit their day job – and to pursue a life of glamour and excitement in the heady world of show business.

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