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The customs sieze scam

Posted by Awareness

The Definition: The Custom Seize Scam is an elaborate and risky scam for the cons, but with a big prize if they pull it off. They rely on our natural respect for authority; the presence of a uniform and a badge causes us to forego our natural skepticism, ask fewer questions and to do what we are told. The scammers play on this fear to take what it rightfully your, and make it wrongfully theirs.

The Mark: A carload of young lads just back from a booze cruise, their auto laden with just-purchased cases of liquor and wine purchased in France. They may skirt customs, but they won’t evade the greedy glare of our hustlers.

The Scam: The spotter keeps a sharp eye out for a carload of likely marks, while the two fake custom agents go to a secluded spot to disguise their van to look like an official customs vehicle. These con-artist agents are taking a terrific chance dressing up as custom agents, because the punishment for this impersonation could be a year in jail. When they’re done preparing, though, resplendent in their yellow vests and uniforms, complete with radio communication, they are very convincing. Only the most discerning mark would suspect that they were a pair of scammers running a con game.

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