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The real Hustle – The Lottery Scam

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Definition: The Lottery Scam appeals to one of mankind’s basest instincts – greed. The prospect of obtaining easy money fuels everyone’s desire to play the lottery, but when a huge windfall is virtually handed to you, an investment of hundreds of your hard-earned pounds seems to be a small price to pay, especially when you believe the windfall is tens of thousands. There’s only one problem: the windfall, in the guise of a winning ticket, is a carefully crafted, computer-generated counterfeit.

The Mark: Any trusting individual sitting in a public place – especially if he has an eye for pretty girls and easy money.

The Scam: When a vivacious young lady in sexy clothes sits down with a gentleman, uninvited, and chats him up, a man may quickly think that he is having a lucky day. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth: this fetching girl is part of a team of con artists. You don’t know it yet, but your day is about to go straight downhill; you are about to become a victim of The Lottery Scam.

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