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The Mind My Bag Scam

Posted by Awareness

The Definition: The Mind My Bag Scam is merely another way scammers use misdirection to distract the mark and lift his valuables. Asking someone to keep an eye on your things means he’s keeping less of an eye on his own; and this particular scam throws in a twist that renders the mark almost completely vulnerable – and quite a bit poorer in the end.

The Mark: If you’ve been paying attention to this site, you know that all too often when we are talking about a mark we are using the phrase Good Samaritan. Sadly, that is the case once again with this scam. The mark is doing only what any responsible, well-intentioned citizen would do when asked – helping a fellow human being who seems to need a little bit of assistance. Little does he know that our scammers are counting on his good intentions for the hustle to work properly and his kindness will cost him dearly.

The Scam: Our swindlers, two men and a woman, are arrayed at three separate tables in a café. The mark, who has his laptop slung onto the back of his chair, is minding his own business, oblivious to the fact that before he even finishes his cup of tea, he will be missing his computer and all its precious files.

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