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Tutorial – How to avoid key-loggers

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Tutorial – How to avoid key-loggers

Definition: What is a key-logger? A key-logger is a device (physical device, hardware) or a computer program (software). The aim of this device/program is to log all keystrokes that are generated from a keyboard. The keystrokes are secretly logged without the PC user knowing that whatever he types can be viewed by someone else. Usually, the person who has installed the key-logger can retrieve the log by pressing a combination of keys simultaneously and/or by providing a secret password. In some cases, the key-logger is also able to transmit the log remotely using email, Bluetooth signals or other methods.

Obviously, if you happen to be using a computer where a key-logger has been installed, your privacy and your pocket might be at risk. In this tutorial, using the video we will demonstrate to you some handy and simple techniques that you can apply in order to fool the vast majority of key-loggers available today. The techniques rely on the fact that most key-loggers are unable to track down any manipulations that you might be performing to a string using the mouse. In the second part of the tutorial, we show you how you can also use the Windows On-Screen Keyboard utility to further ‘confuse’ key-loggers.

You should use the techniques described in the video tutorial not only when you suspect that a PC has had a keylogger installed, but every single time you provide crucial/personal information via a PC that you do not own or that you do not feel to be 100% secure.

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    thank u so much u have done a great video we all proud of ur web site

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    Well done. Thanks for sharing in such a nice clear manner. Keep up the good work.

  3. Sachin Grz Said,

    Which is the best undectable keylogger can you suggest !

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